How we make it?

Phase 1: Coordination of the drafting of projects and tender of the work

I. Project audit

  • Feasibility analysis and commercialization of the Project (if applicable).
  • Project Control in all its aspects: technical, economic, functional,…
  • Degree of definition and coherence between documents, scope and interfaces.
  • Technical quality control
  • Foundation and structure control.
  • Design control.
  • Provide value engineering and optimize the price-quality-efficiency ratio.
  • Cost control and term control.

II. Management of follow-up meetings

  • Define meeting strategy: Follow-up meetings (ordinary) and Extraordinary meetings.

III. Document control, registration, communications

  • Physical file
  • Electronic file

IV. Bid of the work

  • Define hiring strategy.
  • Bidding Program.
  • Bidding Documents.
  • Bid Evaluation Report: Comparative analysis of economic offers. Analysis of technical offers, conclusions and recommendations.


Phase 2: coordination of the execution of the work

A. Document control, archiving, registration and communications.


  • LEVEL 1: Strategic Planning
  • LEVEL 2: Detailed Planning

C. Budget control (costs and certifications)

D. Design control and change management

E. Construction quality control

F. Control of deadlines

G. Report writing

H. Meeting Management

I. Final check of the works